I'm a computer nerd/curry enthusiast finishing up my B.S. in Software Engineering from Cal Poly., where I've studied computer science mumbo-jumbo and developed apps for customers like Microsoft and Cru.

My academic interests lie in programming languages, natural language processing, and functional programming. Outside of academia, my coding time has been spent mostly on web development, API construction, and avoiding Java.

If I'm not at a computer, I'm probably cooking or doing something musical. Feel free to email me at quan at curryti.me if you'd like to reach me.



Just before their Shark Tank debut, Pronto Concepts needed someone to perfect their storefront. Turns out Shopify has a really cool templating system.

Persona 5 Items

A filterable, tabular Persona 5 item database I made because Googling was detracting from my playing time.

Madotsuki Walker

An experiment in rendering sprite animation using DOM elements instead of a canvas. Turns out it was a terrible idea.


A draw and chat app available on iOS, Android, and Windows.


Renting, simplified.


A mobile app commissioned by Cru Central Coast.


A university Greek life website for sharing images. Not tasteful ones.

Facebook vs. Fake News

An ethical analysis of Facebook's response to false news following the 2016 Presidential Election. Spoiler alert: fake news sucks.